Google wins copyright lawsuit over Viacom free download

Google wins copyright lawsuit over Viacom

News Google wins copyright lawsuit over Viacom

Google wins copyright lawsuit over Viacom In early 2007, media giant Viacom demanded that Google take down copyrighted content from YouTube.

Afterwards, Viacom sued the site and its search giant owners for $1.2 billion USD, claiming Google facilitated the uploading the copyrighted videos through YouTube while doing little to deter it.

This week, Google has won the landmark case over the media companies, with a federal judge throwing out the lawsuit.

“Mere knowledge of prevalence of such activity in general is not enough,”
writes Judge Louis Stanton. “The provider need not monitor or seek out facts indicating such activity.”

Viacom said it plans to appeal, calling the Judge’s ruling “fundamentally flawed,” as it does not reflect recent Supreme Court decisions.

The media giant is behind such hit channels like MTV and Comedy Central, and also owns the Paramount movie studio. A few of the shows that Viacom alleged were readily available on YouTube, in their entirety, were “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,” “South Park,” and “SpongeBob SquarePants.”

Google had argued they were entitled to “safe harbor” protection under the DMCA, and it appears that Judge Stanton agreed.

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