LG shows off 480 Hz TV free download

LG shows off 480 Hz TV

News LG shows off 480 Hz TV

LG shows off 480 Hz TV LG has announced the development of the world’s first 480 Hz LCD TV panel. The TV is capable of a refresh rate of 480 images per second. In comparison, most commercially available LCD TVs currently have refresh rates of 120 Hz or 60 Hz.

The electronics company explained “that the technology is enabled by combining existing 240 Hz panels with “scanning backlight”, which repeatedly turns the backlight on and off to reduce motion blur. According to the company, the panel also posts a low motion picture response time of 4 ms, which should eliminate motion blur to provide a realistic out-of-the-window view.”

There are also “a few other new features in this panel, such as technologies to create more contrast and a greater brightness level, as well as the ability to adjust the backlight brightness to reduce the power consumption of the LCD panel.”

A prototype will be shown off at CES and the first consumer TVs will hit North American stores in the Q3 2009.


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