Portugal now has its first convicted file-sharer free download

Portugal now has its first convicted file-sharer

News Portugal now has its first convicted file-sharer

Portugal now has its first convicted file-sharer In order to “set an example”, Portugal’s first convicted file sharer has been sentenced to 90 days in prison. The man, who remains unnamed, had been in court after the Portuguese version of the RIAA accused him of unauthorized uploading of music on P2P networks.

The punishment was decided upon by the court in Portimão in an effort to set an example for future file sharers.

The Portuguese Phonographic Association (AFP), the Portuguese equivalent of the RIAA sent out a complaint about the file sharer which was confirmed by EMI. The user was accused of uploading a couple hundred of EMI’s copyrighted songs. The courts confirmed that there were over 100 other complaints being investigated currently.

A spokesperson for the EMI said he was pleased by the decision, a “necessary evil” that should be employed to stop future file sharers. “The problem is people know they are doing something illegal, but they also know there are no consequences, at least until this week,” he added.

There was word however, that the jail sentence can be replaced with a large fine, but there was no word on the compensation.

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