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Comcast, the United States’ largest cable operator, and Pando Networks, have jointly announced they will be issuing a call for a “P2P bill of rights and responsibilities”. Comcast also said they would begin using Pando’s file sharing technology software.
The two companies hope to “convene a group of industry experts” to talk about what options and controls are necessary for consumers using P2P applications. More importantly, the companies want to “address what processes and practices ISPs should use to manage file-sharing running on their networks.” One of the questions they hope to solve is “whether P2P users should have the right to control their computers’ resources when using P2P applications.”
For the tests, both companies will “examine how file-sharing programs run on other ISP networks, including cable, DSL, fiber and wireless and measure things like performance, speed, distance and geography and bandwidth consumption.”
It can be said that Comcast was forced into all its recent interest with P2P companies after the company saw intense backlash for its attempts to throttle and slow down file sharing activities of its users. For its part Comcast said the moves were done to reduce stress on its bandwidth costs.
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