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The MPAA has announced that is suing the infamous torrent tracker The Pirate Bay for $15.4 million USD citing “damages suffered” from 4 movies and 13 TV episodes uploaded to the tracker.
The movies in question are “Harry Potter 5″, “Syriana”, “The Pink Panther” and “Walk the Line” and all 13 episodes are from the hit show “Prison Break”. The MPAA is demanding $37 USD for each download of “Syriana”, “The Pink Panther” and “Walk the Line”, $43 USD for Harry Potter and $68 for Prison Break.
The Pink Panther was downloaded 49,593 times by Pirate Bay users, making it the most popular, while Syriana was the least popular with 3,679 downloads, according to MAQS, the law firm which is representing the MPAA in the case.
Brokep, a TPB admin, had this to say about the matter; “They know they are losing, and try to make us look like big criminals by adding some zeros to a claim for a made-up crime.”
“The worst thing is that I lost 100 kronor on a bet on the number they would come up with,” Brokep added. “And, it sucks that they didn’t claim more than for Napster and the other sites. It’s cooler to break the record.”
When an MPAA lawyer was asked whether she really believed every download was equivalent of a lost sale, she replied, “We don’t know that, but the copyright law doesn’t care about that. It says that if you have downloaded something illegally, you must pay regardless, if you would’ve bought it or not.”