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Samsung has introduced its Touch of Color LCD line for desktops which claims to have the same excellent visual effects as its 6 series HDTVs.
Each LCD will have the same “blown glass effect with red accents at top and bottom” but what should be most notable is the very high contrast ratios. Samsung claims dynamic lighting lets “every display output up to a 20,000:1 contrast ratio,” a much higher ratio than most LCD monitors or even HDTVs.
Another very interesting feature is that the displays will offer a “virtual screen effect that lets users split multiple video sources across one display.”
The line will include 19-inch (T190), 22-inch (T220), 24-inch (T240), and 26-inch (T260) screen sizes. The smaller sizes offer a blazingly fast 2ms average pixel response time and the larger models output at 5ms. The larger models however also have an HDMI input and will allow for full 1080p video from Blu-ray sources and other full HD video.
The T190 and T220 will retail for $259 USD and $359 USD respectively, while the larger models will retail for $499 USD and $599 USD.